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Agostino Aglio

Painter, decorator, engraver

Died when: 79 years 46 days (949 months)
Star Sign: Sagittarius


Agostino Aglio

Agostino Aglio (15 December 1777 – 30 January 1857) was an Italian painter, decorator, and engraver.He was born at Cremona.He initially studied at the Brera Academy under Giocondo Albertolli, and then traveled to Rome to work under Campovecchio Mantovano.

In 1803 he came to England to assist William Wilkins, the well-known architect, in the production of his Antiquities of Magna Graecia which was published in 1807.

For many years Aglio was employed in the decoration of theaters, churches, and country mansions both in England and Ireland.

In 1819, he was employed, along with the architect Giovanni Battista Comolli, in painting vast frescoes for the Roman Catholic Church of St Mary Moorfields, London.

Between the years 1820 and 1830, he published several books on art including a Collection of Capitals and Friezes drawn from the Antique and Antiquities of Mexico illustrated with over 1000 plates, drawn from the originals.

He also painted a portrait of Queen Victoria, which was engraved.A street in modern-day Cremona is named after the artist.

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