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Ahamed Mohiyudheen Noorishah Jeelani


Died when: 75 years 26 days (900 months)
Star Sign: Libra


Ahamed Mohiyudheen Noorishah Jeelani

Sheikh Noor ul Mashaikh Sayyid Ahamed Muhyudheen NooriShah Jeelani Arabic: (???? ??? ???? ??? ????? ???? ??? ????????), known more commonly as NooriShah Jeelani, was a renowned 20th-century muslim, sufi, wali, mystic, orator, faqeeh, theologian, mujaddid and highly acclaimed Islamic scholar of the Qadri, Chisti order from the Indian sub continent.

He was the 21st grand son of the famous Sufi saint Ghous-e-Azam Sheikh Mohiyudheen Abdul Qadir Jilani of Baghdad.He was also widely known by his title Noor-ul-Mashaikh.

He was the Eponymous founder of the Silsila-e-Nooriya tariqa (Sufi order) which is a sub-branch of Qadiriyya and Chistiyya in India.

His silsila has spread throughout the world influencing millions in more than 40 countries through thousands of his disciples (murid), many gatherings, mosques, Islamic schools, colleges, hospitals and general humanitarian services to society.

He was the founder of Kerala’s first Islamic Arabic college Jamia Nooriyya Arabic College, Pattikkad in Malappuram District of Kerala.

He accepted the position of vice president of the Jamia Nooriyya Arabic College.Sheikh NooriShah Jeelani was a disciple (murid) of the renowned Sufi saint Sheikh Ghousi Shah whose spiritual master's lineage of predecessors goes to Machiliwale Shah and Mahmoodullah Shah of Hyderabad.

His spiritual chain (Tariqa) connects to masters such as Bande Nawaz, Nasiruddin Chiragh Dehlavi, Nizamuddin Auliya, Qutbuddin Bakhtiar Kaki, Moinuddin Chishti of Chishti Order as well as masters such as Abdul Qadir Gilani, Junayd of Baghdad, Sari al-Saqati, Maruf Kharkhi of Qadiri order.

Sheikh NooriShah Jeelani received the title of Caliph (or religious successors) from his spiritual teacher Sheikh Kanzul Irfan Moulana Ghousi Shah of Hyderabad, India after years of spiritual training under his guidance.

His ?Urs (anniversary of death) is celebrated on 14th day of month Rabi? al-Thani (Islamic calendar).His mausoleum (or tomb) Dargah is located in very well known place called Noori Maskan of Noori Nagar in the Bandlaguda area of Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

While Sheikh NooriShah Jeelani had millions of disciples (students or murids), few of them were given Caliph and made Khalifa (or religious successors) of his religious spiritual chain and continued to spread the knowledge of Sufism and Spirituality.

Among his senior Khalifa (or religious successors) who later became very well acclaimed and most renowned Sufi Saints in the Indian Sub-continent include Sheikh Syed Arifuddin Jeelani Noorullah Shah Noori, Sheikh Syed Muneeruddin Jeelani Kamalullah Shah Noori, Sheikh Syed Nasiruddin Jeelani Asrarullah Shah Noori, Sheikh Yousuf Zuhoori Shah Noori,Khwaja Dil Nawaz Faizee Shah Noori, Khwaja Faqeer Nawaz Aamir Kaleemi Shah Noori, Sheikh Jamali Shah Noori, Sheikh Noorul Ulama Ibrahim Khaleelullah Shah Noori, Sheikh Muhibbi Shah Noori, Sheikh Yaqoob Ali Shah Noori, Sheikh Syed Aziz Ali Shah Noori (mamujaan) among others.

These Sufi saints later spread their knowledge across more than 20 different countries mainly in the Indian Sub-continent, Middle East and South East Asian countries.

Silsila-e-Nooriya The present Janasheen of Silsila-e-Nooiyya and Sajjada Nasheen Rouza-e-Nooriyya Sheikh Noorul Irfan Kanzul Mashaeq Sayyid Ahmad Muhyadheen Noori Shah Saani Jeelani (Damat Barakatuhum), (Sajjada Nasheen Silsila Nooriya & Sajjada Nasheen Rouza-e-Nooriyya wa Rouza-e-Arifiyya ) He is 23rd generation of Ghouz-E-Azam Sheikh Mohiuddin Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA), a famous Sufi saint of Baghdad, He is the grandson of Shaikh Noorul Mashaeq Sayyid Ahmad Muhyadheen Noori Shah Jilani (RA) and the eldest son of Sheikh Quthubul Mashaeq Sayyid Arifudheen Jilani (RA).

Hazrat Noorul Irfan Kanzul Mashaeq Sayyid Ahmad Muhyadheen Noori Shah Saani Jeelani (db)(Janasheen Silsila e Nooria & Sajjada Nasheen Rouza e Nooria) is currently leading all the Urs programs of Sheikh NooriShah.

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