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Ahmed Cevdet Pasha

Ottoman statesman

Died when: 73 years 65 days (878 months)
Star Sign: Aries


Ahmed Cevdet Pasha

Ahmed Cevdet Pasha or Jevdet Pasha in English (22 March 1822 – 25 May 1895) was an Ottoman scholar, intellectual, bureaucrat, administrator, and historian who was a prominent figure in the Tanzimat reforms of the Ottoman Empire.

He was the head of the Mecelle commission that codified Islamic law for the first time in response to the Westernization of law.

He is often regarded as a pioneer in the codification of a civil law based on the European legal system.

The Mecelle remained intact in several modern Arab states in the early and mid-20th-century.In addition to Turkish, he was proficient in Arabic, Persian, French and Bulgarian.

He wrote numerous books on history, law, grammar, linguistics, logic and astronomy.

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