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Albert Henry Krehbiel

American artist

Died when: 71 years 216 days (859 months)
Star Sign: Sagittarius


Albert Henry Krehbiel

Albert Henry Krehbiel (November 25, 1873 – June 29, 1945), was the most decorated American painter ever at the French Academy, winning the Prix De Rome, four gold medals and five cash prizes.

He was born in Denmark, Iowa and taught, lived and worked for many years in Chicago.His masterpiece is the programme of eleven decorative wall and two ceiling paintings / murals for the Supreme and Appellate Court Rooms in Springfield, Illinois (1907-1911).

Although educated as a realist in Paris, which is reflected in his neoclassical mural works, he is most famously known as an American Impressionist.

Later in his career, Krehbiel experimented in a more modernist manner (a style that became known as "synchromism").

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