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Albert Hoffa

German surgeon

Died when: 48 years 275 days (585 months)
Star Sign: Aries


Albert Hoffa

Albert Hoffa (31 March 1859 – 31 December 1907) was a German surgeon, orthopedist and physiotherapist born in Richmond, Cape of Good Hope.He studied medicine at the Universities of Marburg and Freiburg, earning his doctorate with a thesis on nephritis saturnina.

In 1886, he opened a private clinic for orthopedics, physiotherapy and massage in Würzburg, where in 1895 he became an associate professor at the university.

In 1902 he succeeded Julius Wolff (1836-1902) at the department of orthopedics in Berlin.Hoffa is remembered for introducing an operation for congenital hip dislocations (1890), as well as for development of a system of massage therapy (Hoffa system).

His name is associated with a condition known as "Hoffa's fat pad disease", being characterized by chronic knee pain primarily beneath the patella.

In 1892 he founded the journal Zeitschrift für orthopädische Chirurgie.

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