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Alberto Marvelli

Italian layman

Died when: 28 years 198 days (342 months)
Star Sign: Aries


Alberto Marvelli

Alberto Marvelli (21 March 1918 – 5 October 1946) was an Italian Catholic and a member of the Catholic Action movement.He became noted for his defense of the poor and for selflessness during World War II in tending to the homeless and wounded despite the devastating air raids while placing himself at risk in doing so.

Marvelli also saved numerous people from deportation since he would free them from sealed train carriages before the train could set off.

Marvelli was also an active champion for social justice and was known for giving his possessions to the poor and homeless, especially during the harsh winter periods.

He served as a town councilor for some time after the war and helped in restoration efforts though he died in an accident before election as a Christian Democrat candidate.

Marvelli's reputation for holiness and his faith led to the cause for his beatification being introduced and Pope John Paul II beatified Marvelli in 2004 in Loreto.

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