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Eugen Anton Theophil von Podbielski

German general

Died when: 65 years 14 days (780 months)
Star Sign: Libra


Eugen Anton Theophil von Podbielski

Eugen Anton Theophil von Podbielski (17 October 1814 – 31 October 1879) was a general in the Prussian Army.He was born in Köpenick and originally was a cavalry officer.

Podbielski served as Quartermaster-General of the German General Staff during the Austro-Prussian War and again the Franco-Prussian War.As such he was the operations officer and Deputy Chief of Staff.

Afterwards he was made Inspector-General of Artillery and became the namesake of the 5th (1st Silesian) Field Artillery Regiment.He eventually was promoted to General of the Cavalry.

Having five daughters; his son Victor von Podbielski became a general as well and served as a Prussian minister afterwards.

Theophil von Podbielski died in Berlin.

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