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Aldo Moro

Prime Minister of Italy

Died when: 61 years 228 days (739 months)
Star Sign: Libra


Aldo Moro

Aldo Romeo Luigi Moro (Italian: ['aldo 'm??ro]; 23 September 1916 – 9 May 1978) was an Italian statesman and a prominent member of the Christian Democracy (DC).

He served as prime minister of Italy from December 1963 to June 1968 and then from November 1974 to July 1976.Moro also served as Minister of Foreign Affairs from May 1969 to July 1972 and again from July 1973 to November 1974.

During his ministry, he implemented a pro-Arab policy.Moreover, he was appointed Minister of Justice and of Public Education during the 1950s.

From March 1959 until January 1964, Moro served as secretary of the Christian Democracy.On 16 March 1978 he was kidnapped by the far-left armed group Red Brigades and killed after 55 days of captivity.

He was one of Italy's longest-serving post-war prime ministers, leading the country for more than six years.An intellectual and a patient mediator, especially in the internal life of his own party, during his rule, Moro implemented a series of social and economic reforms which deeply modernized the country.

Due to his accommodation with the communist leader Enrico Berlinguer, known as the Historic Compromise, Moro is widely considered one of the most prominent fathers of modern Italian centre-left and one of the greatest and most popular leaders in the history of the Italian Republic.

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