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Aleksander Benedykt Sobieski

Polish noble

Died when: 36 years 345 days (443 months)
Star Sign: Sagittarius


Aleksander Benedykt Sobieski

Aleksander Benedykt Stanisław Sobieski (Polish pronunciation: [alɛˈksandɛr bɛˈnɛdɨkt staˈɲiswaf sɔˈbjɛskʲi]; 9 September 1677 – 16 November 1714) was a Polish prince, nobleman, diplomat, writer, scholar and the son of John III Sobieski, King of Poland, and his wife, Marie Casimire Louise de la Grange d'Arquien.

He was a candidate for election to the Polish throne in 1697, following his father's death, but was unsuccessful.In 1702, he declined Charles XII of Sweden's offer to set him up as a rival king to Augustus II of Poland.

He died in Rome in 1714, having recently become a Capuchin friar.

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