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Alexander Alekhine

Chess player

Died when: 53 years 144 days (640 months)
Star Sign: Scorpio


Alexander Alekhine

Alexander Aleksandrovich Alekhine (October 31 [O.S.October 19] 1892 – March 24, 1946) was a Russian and French chess player and the fourth World Chess Champion, a title he held for two reigns.

By the age of 22, Alekhine was already among the strongest chess players in the world.During the 1920s, he won most of the tournaments in which he played.

In 1921, Alekhine left Soviet Russia and emigrated to France, which he represented after 1925.In 1927, he became the fourth World Chess Champion by defeating José Raúl Capablanca.

In the early 1930s, Alekhine dominated tournament play and won two top-class tournaments by large margins.He also played first board for France in five Chess Olympiads, winning individual prizes in each (four medals and a brilliancy prize).

Alekhine offered Capablanca a rematch on the same demanding terms that Capablanca had set for him, and negotiations dragged on for years without making much progress.

Meanwhile, Alekhine defended his title with ease against Efim Bogoljubov in 1929 and 1934.He was defeated by Max Euwe in 1935, but regained his crown in the 1937 rematch.

His tournament record, however, was uneven, and rising young stars like Paul Keres, Reuben Fine, and Mikhail Botvinnik threatened his title.

Negotiations for a title match with Keres or Botvinnik were halted by the outbreak of World War II in Europe in 1939.

Negotiations with Botvinnik for a world title match were proceeding in 1946 when Alekhine died in Portugal, in unclear circumstances.Alekhine is the only World Chess Champion to have died while holding the title.

Alekhine is known for his fierce and imaginative attacking style, combined with great positional and endgame skill.He is highly regarded as a chess writer and theoretician, having produced innovations in a wide range of chess openings and having given his name to Alekhine's Defence and several other opening variations.

He also composed some endgame studies.

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