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Alexander Hurley

Music hall singer

Died when: 42 years 257 days (512 months)
Star Sign: Aries


Alexander Hurley

Alexander Hurley (24 March 1871 – 6 December 1913) was an English music hall singer who was perhaps best known for being Marie Lloyd's second husband.

Born in London, Hurley began a boxing career, during which he would perform a song entitled "The Strongest Man on Earth" after his fights.

Singing appealed to him and he began performing the song in various music halls in London.He based his act on life as a costermonger and became known to his audiences as a "coster" singer, similar to that of Gus Elen and Albert Chevalier.

Hurley supported many popular acts, including Marie Lloyd, with whom he conducted a tour with in Australia.The two became romantically involved and married upon their return to England in 1906.

Hurley continued to professionally support Lloyd in all of her performances until the marriage broke up a few years later.

He had some minor success as a solo performer but work dried up and engagements became scarce.Hurley never recovered from his marital difficulties and stopped performing altogether by 1910.

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