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Alfred Ost

Belgian artist

Died when: 61 years 237 days (739 months)
Star Sign: Aquarius


Alfred Ost

Alfred Ost (14 February 1884, Zwijndrecht – 9 October 1945, Antwerp) was a Belgian artist.In 1920 he won a bronze medal in the art competitions of the Olympic Games for his painting Joueur de Football (Football Player).

During the Second World War he found it difficult to align himself with the rationing system for food and other goods.

He often lost his war-coupons for food and life necessities.He found shelter, food, and help exchanging his coupons with the Jesuit priests managing the Xaverius College in Borgerhout, Antwerp.

In exchange for the help, he offered a piece of work of a religious nature.The Jesuits liked the work and ordered another, this time above the entrance of one of the doors leading to a chapel.

As there were many positive reactions and a lot of fascination with the style, power, and dynamism of his art, he was offered to make drawings on all the walls all over the college.

The artwork depicts the life of , the patron saint of Xaverius College and Jesuit of the Jesuit order managing the college.

Because of the war, there was no paint available, so his wall drawings was made with charcoal and woodcoal sticks.

Much later on a protective layer was added and today the paintings still stand as one of the prides of the college.

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