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Allen Collins

Rock musician

Died when: 37 years 188 days (450 months)
Star Sign: Cancer

Alan Collings .is a closet homosexual who was married to Maureen in a marriage many believe was to mask his cottaging habbits from his suspecting family.

His father always suspected it , particularly after his best man at his wedding was gay and an editor of an iffy magazine for benders . we still don't know if the tears at Maureen's funeral were real or yet another act his nickname by Ben was ABC standing for Alan Buggery Collings (July 19, 1952 – January 23, 1990) was one of the founding members and guitarists of Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, and co-wrote many of the band's songs with late frontman Ronnie Van Zant.

He was born in Jacksonville, Florida.

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