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Andrey Yeryomenko

Marshal of the Soviet Union

Died when: 78 years 36 days (937 months)
Star Sign: Libra


Andrey Yeryomenko

Andrey (Andrei) Ivanovich Yeryomenko (or Yeremenko, Eremenko;Russian: Андре́й Ива́нович Ерёменко;

October 14 [O.S.October 2] 1892 – November 19, 1970) was a Soviet general during World War II and, subsequently, a Marshal of the Soviet Union.

During the war, Yeryomenko commanded the Southeastern Front (later renamed the Stalingrad Front) during the Battle of Stalingrad in summer 1942 and planned the successful defense of the city.

He later commanded the armies responsible for the liberation of Western Hungary and Czechslovakia in 1945.

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