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Joan Salvat-Papasseit

Spanish poet

Died when: 30 years 83 days (362 months)
Star Sign: Taurus


Joan Salvat-Papasseit

Joan Salvat-Papasseit (Catalan pronunciation: [ʒuˈan səlˈβat pəpəˈsɛjt];Barcelona, 16 May 1894 – 7 August 1924) was a Catalan poet, though he also wrote articles, manifestos and other prose of a political and social nature.

He wrote primarily in Catalan, although he had an early period of essay-writing in Spanish.His work is notable for its nonconformity, idealism and foreboding of premature death.

His poetry, with both avant-garde and traditional influences, begins with the publication of Poemes en ondes hertzianes (Poems in Hertzian Waves) in 1919.

The cover illustration for the book was created by Joaquín Torres García.Further works of poetry were "La gesta dels estels" (The Exploit of the Stars) in 1922 and the culmination of the poet's vital enthusiasm in "El poema de la rosa als llavis" (Poem of the Rose in the Lips) in 1923.

The city of Barcelona has honored him with a statue at the Moll de la Fusta wharf by Robert Krier (Luxembourg, 1938), the pedestal of which bears a plaque with his poem, "Nocturn per a acordió", referring to the period when the poet was a night watchman there.

His poetry has been brought to the public at large, in particular through musical arrangements and recitals by Lluís Llach, Ovidi Montllor, , , , Joan Manuel Serrat and , amongst others, as well as in France.

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