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Archduchess Maria Christina of Austria

Archduchess of Austria

Died when: 82 years 262 days (992 months)
Star Sign: Scorpio


Archduchess Maria Christina of Austria

Archduchess Maria Christina Isabelle Natalie of Austria, full German name: Maria Christina Isabelle Natalie, Erzherzogin von Österreich (17 November 1879, Kraków, Grand Duchy of Cracow, Austria–Hungary – 6 August 1962, Anholt) was a member of the Teschen branch of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine and an Archduchess of Austria and Princess of Bohemia, Hungary, and Tuscany by birth.

Through her marriage to Emanuel Alfred, Hereditary Prince of Salm-Salm, Maria Christina was also Hereditary Princess of Salm-Salm.

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