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Ashley Massaro

American wrestler

Died when: 39 years 355 days (479 months)
Star Sign: Gemini


Ashley Massaro

Ashley Marie Massaro (May 26, 1979 – May 16, 2019) was an American professional wrestler, reality television contestant and model.She was best known for her time with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and for her appearance on Survivor: China.

Massaro made her debut in WWE after winning the WWE Diva Search in 2005.She was first incorporated into the Raw brand, where she had her first wrestling feud against Vince's Devils (a villainous female stable) while aligning herself with Trish Stratus to defeat the team.

With Stratus, she was involved in another feud with the then-debuting Mickie James, who was obsessed with Stratus and jealous of Massaro's friendship with her, attacking and causing her to lose matches.

Massaro was later drafted to SmackDown and became the valet for the WWE Tag Team Champions, Paul London and Brian Kendrick.

Her most high-profile matches were a WWE Women's Championship match against Melina at WrestleMania 23 and a Playboy Bunnymania Lumberjill match at WrestleMania XXIV.

Massaro left WWE in July 2008.During her tenure in the company, she had appeared on the covers of several magazines, including the April 2007 issue of Playboy, and also made appearances on television and in music videos.

In addition, she spent the last two years of her life working as a radio DJ for 94.3 The Shark.

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