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Basil W. Duke

Confederate Army general

Died when: 78 years 111 days (939 months)
Star Sign: Gemini


Basil W. Duke

Basil Wilson Duke (May 28, 1838 – September 16, 1916) was a Confederate general officer during the American Civil War.His most noted service in the war was as second-in-command for his brother-in-law John Hunt Morgan;

Duke later wrote a popular account of Morgan's most famous raid: 1863's Morgan's Raid.He took over Morgan's command after Morgan was shot by Union soldiers in 1864.

At the end of the war, Duke was among Confederate President Jefferson Davis's bodyguards after his flight from Richmond, Virginia, through the Carolinas.

Duke's lasting impact was as a historian and communicator of the Confederate experience.As a historian he helped to found the Filson Club Historical Society and started the preserving of the Shiloh battlefield.

He wrote numerous books and magazine articles, most notably in the Southern Bivouac.When he died, he was one of the few high-ranking Confederate officers still alive.

Historian James A.Ramage said of Duke, "No Southerner was more dedicated to the Confederacy than General Basil W.Duke."

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