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Bhikaiji Cama

Indian activist

Died when: 74 years 324 days (898 months)
Star Sign: Libra


Bhikaiji Cama

Bhikaiji Rustom Cama (24 September 1861 – 13 August 1936) or simply as, Madam Cama, was one of the prominent figures in the Indian independence movement.

Bhikaiji Cama was born in Bombay (now Mumbai) in a large, affluent Parsi Zoroastrian family.Her parents, Sorabji Framji Patel and Jaijibai Sorabji Patel, were well known in the city, where her father Sorabji—a lawyer by training and a merchant by profession—was an influential member of the Parsi community.

She unfurled the first version of flag of independent India on August 21, 1907, when an International Socialist Conference was being held at Stuttgart, a city in Germany.

Like many Parsi girls of the time, Bhikhaiji attended Alexandra Girls' English Institution.Bhikhaiji was by all accounts a diligent, disciplined child with a flair for languages.

On 3 August 1885, she married Rustom Cama, who was the son of K.R.Cama.Her husband was a wealthy, pro-British lawyer who aspired to enter politics.

It was not a happy marriage, and Bhikhaiji spent most of her time and energy in philanthropic activities and social work.

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