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Billy Barty

American actor

Died when: 76 years 59 days (913 months)
Star Sign: Scorpio


Billy Barty

Billy Barty (born William John Bertanzetti, October 25, 1924 – December 23, 2000) was an American actor and activist.In adult life, he stood 3 ft 9 in (1.14 m) tall, due to cartilage–hair hypoplasia dwarfism, and because of his short stature, he was often cast in movies opposite taller performers for comic effect.

He specialized in outspoken or wisecracking characters.During the 1950s, he became a television actor, appearing regularly in the Spike Jones ensemble.

In the early 1970s he was a staple in a variety of roles in children's TV programs produced by Sid and Marty Krofft.

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