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Bruce Cooper

British naval surgeon

Died when: 96 years 11 days (1152 months)
Star Sign: Sagittarius


Bruce Cooper

Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander Bruce Cooper (22 November 1914 – 3 December 2010) was a native of Castle Eden, England.He obtained his medical degree from Durham University.

Early in his career, he tended to coalminers and joined the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.The physician served with distinction in the early period of the Second World War and was mentioned in despatches.

In 1941, he was recruited for a highly classified mission, Operation Tracer.In the event that Gibraltar was taken by the Axis powers, he was to be sealed into a secret chamber in the Rock of Gibraltar with five other men for about a year and report the movements of enemy vessels.

Over a period of two years, the secret complex was completed and the team assembled and trained.However, the mission was never activated.

Cooper returned to England and served in both civilian and military capacities.The location of the secret chamber remained a mystery for decades, but was finally discovered in 1997.

However, many questions remained, including the identity of the team members.Upon Cooper's return to Gibraltar in 2008, he confirmed that the cave in question was that which had been destined for himself and his five colleagues.

Dr Cooper was the last surviving team member of Operation Tracer in Gibraltar.

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