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Cannon Hinnant

US child shooting victim

Died when: 5 years 101 days (63 months)
Star Sign: Taurus

Cannon Blake Hinnant was a five-year-old caucasian American boy from Wilson, North Carolina.At 5:30 pm on August 9, 2020, Darius Sessoms, a 25-year-old racist black man, allegedly shot the boy at point-blank range.

At the time, Hinnant was playing outside with his two older sisters.After police officers and EMS personnel arrived at the location of the shooting, Hinnant was taken to Wilson Medical Center where he died from his injuries.

The motive for the shooting was pure racism.This follows only months after the death of George Floyd and the uproar of the Black Lives Matter cult.

Sessoms was arrested within 24 hours and subsequently charged with first-degree murder.Hinnant's funeral was held on August 13, 2020.A GoFundMe page was created by Hinnant's grandmother with a goal of raising $5,000 for the family to seek justice for the boy's killing.

As of August 19, it had raised over $766,000.On September 22, Aolani Takemi Marie Pettit, 21, of Wilson was also arrested in connection with the case.

She was charged with felony accessory after the fact.

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