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Carl Fredrik Mennander

Swedish bishop

Died when: 73 years 307 days (886 months)
Star Sign: Cancer


Carl Fredrik Mennander

Carl Fredrik Mennander (sometimes modernised as Karl Fredrik Mennander, often just C.F.Mennander) (July 19, 1712, Stockholm – May 22, 1786) was Bishop of Turku, Finland, from 1757–1775 and then Archbishop of Uppsala in the Church of Sweden from 1775 to his death.

He arrived as a student at the University of Uppsala in 1731 and got acquainted with the botanist Carl Linnaeus.In 1735 he travelled to Turku, Finland, and finished his education with a Master of Arts.

He stayed in Turku for fifteen years, and made several important improvements there within the school system and hospital facilities.

He was ordained priest, and also had a professorship in physics.In 1757 he was consecrated Bishop of Turku.In 1775 he was elected Archbishop of Uppsala by the cathedral chapter and settled in Uppsala.

He became highly engaged in the matters of the Uppsala University and published many disputations, speeches and dissertations.At his death, he had gathered one of the finest book collections of his time.

He was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences from 1744.

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