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Carl Stockdale

American actor

Died when: 79 years 24 days (948 months)
Star Sign: Aquarius


Carl Stockdale

Carl Stockdale also known as Carlton Stockdale (February 19, 1874 – March 15, 1953) was one of the longest-working Hollywood veteran actors, with a career dating from the early 1910s.

He also made the difficult transition from silent films to talkies.Stockdale was born in Worthington, Minnesota, graduated from Minneapolis Central High School, and attended the University of North Dakota.

Before he began working with films, Stockdale was a property man with a repertory theatrical company headed by his brother.

He went on to act on stage in repertory theater and in vaudeville.Stockdale was in Hollywood as early as 1913 with a small role in Gilbert M.

Anderson's Broncho Billy's Last Deed.He worked with that film franchise for two years before joining D.W.Griffith's film company.

He remained busy into the 1940s.His last film was released in 1943.

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