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Caleb V. Haynes

United States Air Force general

Died when: 71 years 21 days (852 months)
Star Sign: Pisces


Caleb V. Haynes

Caleb Vance Haynes (March 15, 1895 – April 5, 1966) was a United States Air Force (USAF) major general.The grandson of Chang Bunker, a famous Siamese Twin, he served in the Air Force as an organizer, able to create air units from scratch.

He commanded a large number of groups, squadrons and task forces before, during and after World War II.In the 1930s, Haynes, a rated command pilot, led experimental long-range over-water interception flights that were key to the development of U.S. air defense doctrine.

Haynes demonstrated by piloting one of the bombers that intercepted the Italian liner SS Rex that enemy ships could be located and sunk by American aircraft.

As well, Haynes helped promote air power by flying long range missions to various countries in South America.Described as "a big, hulking mountaineer", Haynes was a "pilot's pilot", the kind of air officer who led from the front.

Fighting in China in 1942, Haynes commanded a small force of bombers under Claire Chennault, and was known for his expert flying ability and his daring.

Chennault said that "Haynes looked like a gorilla and flew like an angel."

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