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Christian of Stolberg-Stolberg

German poet

Died when: 72 years 95 days (867 months)
Star Sign: Libra


Christian of Stolberg-Stolberg

Christian, Count of Stolberg-Stolberg (15 October 1748 – 18 January 1821) poet, brother of Frederick Leopold, also a poet.Born at Hamburg, he became a magistrate at Tremsbüttel in Holstein in 1777.

Of the two brothers Frederick was undoubtedly the more talented.Christian though not a poet of high originality, excelled in the utterance of gentle sentiment.

They published together a volume of poems, Gedichte (edited by H.C.Boie, 1779);Schauspiele mit Chören (1787), their object in the latter work being to revive a love for the Greek drama; and a collection of patriotic poems Vaterländische Gedichte (1815).

Christian of Stolberg was the sole author of Gedichte aus dem Griechischen (1782), a translation of the works of Sophocles (1787) Die weisse Frau (1814) and of a poem in seven ballads, which last attained considerable popularity.

Stolberg was married to Louise Stolberg.He died in Windeby.

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