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Dirk Mudge

Namibian politician

Died when: 92 years 223 days (1111 months)
Star Sign: Capricorn

Dirk Frederik Mudge (16 January 1928 – 26 August 2020) was a Namibian politician.He served in several high-ranking positions in the South African administration of South West Africa, was the chairman of the 1975–1977 Turnhalle Constitutional Conference, and co-founded the Republican Party (RP) of Namibia as well as the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance (DTA), now known as the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM).

At Namibian independence, Mudge was a member of the Constituent Assembly and 1st National Assembly until he retired in 1993.Mudge was the founder of Namibia's Afrikaans daily Die Republikein and its publisher Namibia Media Holdings.

He served on the board of directors until 2008.

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