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Don Carpenter

Novelist, short story writer, screenwriter

Died when: 64 years 134 days (772 months)
Star Sign: Pisces


Don Carpenter

Don Carpenter (March 16, 1931 – July 28, 1995) was an American writer, best known as the author of Hard Rain Falling.He wrote numerous novels, novellas, short stories and screenplays over the course of a 22-year career that took him from a childhood in Berkeley, California and the Pacific Northwest to the corridors of power and ego in Hollywood.

A close observer of human frailty, his writing depicted marginal characters like pool sharks, prisoners and drug dealers, as well as movie moguls and struggling actors.

Although lauded by critics and fellow writers, Carpenter's novels and stories never reached a mass audience and he supported himself with extensive work for Hollywood.

Facing a mounting series of debilitating illnesses, Don Carpenter committed suicide in 1995.

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