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Dorothea Friederike of Brandenburg-Ansbach

German aristocrat

Died when: 54 years 213 days (655 months)
Star Sign: Leo


Dorothea Friederike of Brandenburg-Ansbach

Dorothea Friederike of Brandenburg-Ansbach (12 August 1676 – 13 March 1731) was the daughter of Margrave John Frederick of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1654–1686) and his first wife, Margravine Johanna Elisabeth of Baden-Durlach (1651–1680).

She was a half-sister of Queen Caroline of Great Britain, the wife of King George II.On 20 (or 30) August 1699, Dorothea Friederike married Count Johann Reinhard III of Hanau-Lichtenberg.

She was the last Countess of Hanau.The marriage produced one daughter: Charlotte Christine Magdalene Johanna (1700–1726).Charlotte was the sole heiress of the county of Hanau and married on 5 April 1717 Crown Prince Louis VIII of Hesse-Darmstadt (1691–1768).

Friederike Dorothea died on 13 March 1731 and was buried on 17 or 25 March 1731 in the family vault of the Hanau counts in the St.

John's Church (Hanau) (currently known as Old St.John's Church) in Hanau.The tomb was largely destroyed in the bombing of the Second World War.

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