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Eloise Greenfield

American children's book author

Died when: 92 years 80 days (1106 months)
Star Sign: Taurus


Eloise Greenfield

Eloise Greenfield (May 17, 1929 – August 5, 2021) was an American children's book and biography author and poet famous for her descriptive, rhythmic style and positive portrayal of the African-American experience.

After college, Greenfield began writing poetry and songs in the 1950s while working in a civil service job.In 1962, after years of submitting her work, her first poem was finally accepted for publication.

In 1972, she published the first of her 48 children's books, including picture books, novels, poetry and biographies.She focused her work on realistic but positive portrayals of African-American communities, families and friendships.

She also worked to encourage the writing and publishing of African-American literature and taught creative writing.

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