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Emperor Taizu of Jin

Jin Dynasty emperor

Died when: 55 years 49 days (661 months)
Star Sign: Leo


Emperor Taizu of Jin

Emperor Taizu of Jin (August 1, 1068 – September 19, 1123), personal name Aguda, sinicised name Min (Chinese: 旻; pinyin: Mín), was the founder and first emperor of the Jurchen-led Jin dynasty of China.

He was originally the chieftain of the Wanyan tribe, the most dominant among the Jurchen tribes which were subjects of the Khitan-led Liao dynasty.

Starting in 1114, Aguda united the Jurchen tribes under his rule and rebelled against the Liao dynasty.A year later, he declared himself emperor and established the Jin dynasty.

By the time of his death, the Jin dynasty had conquered most of the Liao dynasty's territories and emerged as a major power in northern China.

In 1145, he was posthumously honoured with the temple name Taizu by his descendant Emperor Xizong.The name [Wanyan] Aguda is transcribed [Wan-yen] A-ku-ta in Wade-Giles; the alternative spelling Akutta (possibly from reconstruction of Jurchen language) appears in a very small number of books as well.

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