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Emperor Zhaozong of Tang

Emperor of the Tang dynasty

Died when: 37 years 175 days (449 months)
Star Sign: Aries


Emperor Zhaozong of Tang

Emperor Zhaozong of Tang (March 31, 867 – September 22, 904), né Li Jie, name later changed to Li Min and again to Li Ye, was the penultimate emperor of the Tang dynasty of China.

He reigned from 888 to 904 (although he was briefly deposed by the eunuch Liu Jishu in 900 and restored in 901).Zhaozong was the seventh son of Emperor Yizong of Tang and younger brother of Emperor Xizong of Tang.

Later Li Jie was murdered by Zhu Wen, the Later Liang ruler who overthrew the Tang dynasty.During Emperor Zhaozong's reign, the Tang dynasty fell into total disarray and rebellions, which had been ongoing since the reign of his older brother Emperor Xizong, as they erupted throughout the country while the imperial government's authority effectively disappeared.

In the midst of all this, Emperor Zhaozong tried to salvage the dying dynasty.However, his efforts to reassert imperial power generally backfired, as his unsuccessful campaigns against Li Keyong, Chen Jingxuan, and Li Maozhen, merely allowed them to re-affirm their power.

Eventually, the major warlord Zhu Quanzhong seized control of the imperial government and in 904 had Emperor Zhaozong killed as the prelude of taking over the Tang throne.

Zhu also killed many of Emperor Zhaozong's ministers, including the chancellor, Cui Yin.Zhu then placed Zhaozong's 13-year-old son as a puppet emperor (as Emperor Ai).

By 907, Zhu himself took over the throne, ending Tang and starting a new Later Liang.Emperor Zhaozong's reign lasted almost 16 years and he was buried in Heling (??).

He was 37.

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