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Enrico Hillyer Giglioli

Indian scientist

Died when: 64 years 186 days (774 months)
Star Sign: Gemini


Enrico Hillyer Giglioli

Enrico Hillyer Giglioli (13 June 1845 – 16 December 1909) was an Italian zoologist and anthropologist.Giglioli was born in London and first studied there.

He obtained a degree in science at the University of Pisa in 1864 and started to teach zoology in Florence in 1869.

Marine vertebrates, and invertebrates, were his academic interest but he was a noted amateur ornithologist and photographer.Giglioli was director of the in Florence, Italy.

He wrote up the zoology of the voyage of the corvette on which he had taken over from Filippo de Filippi.

Professor De Filippi died in Hong Kong in 1867.He was also involved in the activities of the and through this developed an interest in ethnography.

In 1901, he was elected as a member of the American Philosophical Society.

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