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Erdmann Neumeister

German theologian and hymnwriter

Died when: 85 years 98 days (1023 months)
Star Sign: Taurus


Erdmann Neumeister

Erdmann Neumeister (12 May 1671 – 18 August 1756) was a German Lutheran pastor and hymnologist.He was born in Uichteritz near Weißenfels in the province Saxonia of Germany.

As a fifteen-year-old boy he started his studies in Schulpforta, an old humanistic gymnasium.He became a student of poetology and theology in the University of Leipzig between 1691 and 1697.

He began his career as a minister of religion in the spa town of Bibra.He became diaconus (deacon) for the duke of Saxonia-Weissenfels.

From 1705 to 1715, he was superintendent in Sorau (today Zary in Poland).He left for Hamburg because of theological disputes. (As an adult, he would become a vehement opponent of Pietism).

He died in Hamburg as an honoured main pastor.His grave in the St.Jacobi Church was destroyed during World War II.

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