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Eri D. Woodbury

Army Medal of Honor recipient

Died when: 90 years 320 days (1090 months)
Star Sign: Gemini


Eri D. Woodbury

Eri Davidson Woodbury (May 30, 1837 – April 14, 1928) was a Union Army officer during the American Civil War.He received the Medal of Honor for gallantry during the Battle of Cedar Creek fought near Middletown, Virginia on October 19, 1864.

The battle was the decisive engagement of Major General Philip Sheridan’s Valley Campaigns of 1864 and was the largest battle fought in the Shenandoah Valley.

Woodbury graduated from Dartmouth College in 1863.He enlisted in the army in December of that year, and mustered out in June 1865 After the war, he taught at Cheshire Academy for 38 years, eventually becoming its headmaster.

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