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Erich Hecke

German mathematician

Died when: 59 years 146 days (712 months)
Star Sign: Virgo


Erich Hecke

Erich Hecke (20 September 1887 – 13 February 1947) was a German mathematician.He obtained his doctorate in Göttingen under the supervision of David Hilbert.

Kurt Reidemeister and Heinrich Behnke were among his students.Hecke was born in Buk, Posen, Germany (now Poznań, Poland), and died in Copenhagen, Denmark.

His early work included establishing the functional equation for the Dedekind zeta function, with a proof based on theta functions.

The method extended to the L-functions associated to a class of characters now known as Hecke characters or idele class characters; such L-functions are now known as Hecke L-functions.

He devoted most of his research to the theory of modular forms, creating the general theory of cusp forms (holomorphic, for GL(2)), as it is now understood in the classical setting.

He was a Plenary Speaker of the ICM in 1936 in Oslo.

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