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Erik Bryggman

Finnish architect

Died when: 64 years 317 days (778 months)
Star Sign: Aquarius


Erik Bryggman

Erik William Bryggman (7 February 1891 – 21 December 1955) was a Finnish architect.He was born in Turku, the youngest of the five sons of Johan Ulrik Bryggman (1838–1911) and Wendla Gustava Bryggman (née Nordström) (1852–1903).

He began studies in architecture at Helsinki University of Technology in 1910 and qualifying as an architect in 1916.In 1914 he and fellow student Hilding Ekelund made a study trip to Denmark and Sweden.

In 1920 he travelled to Italy, where he became inspired more by the local vernacular architecture than the classical or Baroque works.

He worked in Helsinki for various architects, including Sigurd Frosterus, Armas Lindgren, Otto-Iivari Meurman and Valter Jung before starting his own office in Turku in 1923.

Bryggman's architecture is noted for its combination of Nordic, classical and modernist characteristics.Bryggman married Agda Grönberg (1890–1960), a nurse from Turku, in 1917.

Their first child died.Their second child, Carin Bryggman (1920-1993), followed in her father's footsteps, becoming a well-known designer and completing a number of his works after his death in 1955.

They also had a third child, Johan Ulric Bryggman (1925-1994).

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