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Erika Fuchs

German translator

Died when: 98 years 136 days (1180 months)
Star Sign: Sagittarius


Erika Fuchs

Erika Fuchs, née Petri (7 December 1906 in Rostock – 22 April 2005 in Munich), was a German translator.She is largely known in Germany due to her translations of American Disney comics, especially Carl Barks' stories about Duckburg and its inhabitants.

Many of her creations (re)entered the German language, and her followers today recognize her widely quoted translations as standing in the tradition of great German-language light poetry such as by Heinrich Heine, Wilhelm Busch, and Kurt Tucholsky.

Unlike the English originals, her translations included many hidden quotes and literary allusions.As Fuchs once said, "You can't be educated enough to translate comic books".

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