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Ernest Douwes Dekker

Indonesia politician

Died when: 70 years 324 days (850 months)
Star Sign: Libra


Ernest Douwes Dekker

Ernest François Eugène Douwes Dekker also known as Setyabudi or Setiabudi (8 October 1879 – 28 August 1950) was an Indonesian-Dutch nationalist and politician of Indo descent.

He was related to the famous Dutch anti-colonialism writer Multatuli, whose real name was Eduard Douwes Dekker ("Douwes Dekker" being their surname).

In his youth, he fought in the Second Boer War in South Africa on the Boer side.His thoughts were highly influential in the early years of the Indonesian freedom movement.

After Indonesian independence, he adopted the Sundanese name Danoedirdja Setiaboedi.

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