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Ernest Hanbury Hankin

British scientist

Died when: 74 years 53 days (889 months)
Star Sign: Aquarius


Ernest Hanbury Hankin

Ernest Hanbury Hankin (4 February 1865 – 29 March 1939) was an English bacteriologist, aeronautical theorist and naturalist.Working mainly in India, he studied malaria, cholera and other diseases.

He is often considered as among the first to detect bacteriophage activity and suggested that their presence in the waters of the Ganga and Jamuna rivers may have had a role in restricting the outbreaks of cholera.

Apart from his professional studies, he took considerable interest in the Islamic geometric patterns in Mughal architecture ("Saracenic art" in the language of his day) as well as the soaring flight of birds, culture and its impact on education.

He was sometimes criticized for being overzealous in his research methods.

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