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Ernest Renshaw

Tennis player

Died when: 38 years 242 days (463 months)
Star Sign: Capricorn


Ernest Renshaw

Ernest James Renshaw (3 January 1861 – 2 September 1899) was an English tennis player who was active in the late 19th century.Together with his twin brother William Renshaw, Ernest won the men's doubles at Wimbledon five times.

He also won the singles championship at Wimbledon once, in 1888 and was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1983.

He won the singles title at the Irish Championships on four occasions (1883, 1887, 1888, 1892).Ernest was the older of the brothers by 15 minutes and half an inch taller.

The boom in popularity of the game during the 1880s due to the modern tennis style of the Renshaw brothers became known as the 'Renshaw Rush'.

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