Which famous people have you outlived?

Ernest Whitman

American actor

Died when: 61 years 165 days (737 months)
Star Sign: Pisces


Ernest Whitman Ernest Whitman (February 21, 1893 - August 5, 1954) was an American stage and screen actor. He appeared in a number of films, including King for a Day (1934), The Prisoner of Shark Island (1936), The Green Pastures (1936), Jesse James (1939), Gone With the Wind (1939), Third Finger, Left Hand (1940), Among the Living (1941), Road to Zanzibar (1941), Cabin in the Sky (1943), Stormy Weather (1943), The Lost Weekend (1945), My Brother Talks to Horses (1947), Banjo (1947) and The Sun Shines Bright (1953), his last movie. Whitman also performed on stage, with a role in The Last Mile and various other productions. Whitman was the wartime host of the Armed Forces Radio Service Jubilee radio show which was designed for African-American troops and featured mostly African-American entertainers. He portrayed the character Bill Jackson in The Beulah Show on radio from 1952 to 1953.
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