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Ernesto Cabruna

Italian flying ace

Died when: 70 years 221 days (847 months)
Star Sign: Gemini


Ernesto Cabruna

Capitano Ernesto Cabruna (1889–1960) was a professional soldier who became a World War I flying ace credited with eight aerial victories.

He served in Italy's military police, beginning in 1907.After service in Libya and Rhodes, he received a Bronze Medal for Military Valor a year after Italy's involvement in World War I began.

He turned to aviation, became a pilot, and as such earned his first Silver Medal for Military Valor at the end of 1917.

In 1918, Cabruna twice singlehandedly attacked swarms of enemy aircraft, winning victories both times.He was also raised into the officers' ranks.

On 26 September 1918, he broke his clavicle.Two days later, he forced his way back to flying to participate in the Battle of Vittorio Veneto.

He claimed his final two aerial victories on 25 October.The day before the Austro-Hungarian surrender, 2 November 1918, Cabruna strafed two of their airplanes parked on their own airfield.

He then won a Gold award of the Medal for Military Valor.Cabruna remained in military service postwar, serving as Aide de Camp to the Aviation Chief of Staff.

He became an intimate of proto-fascist poet Gabrielle D'Annunzio.He left the military on 2 June 1932, having served his nation a quarter of a century.

When he died on 9 January 1960, he was interred on D'Annunzio's estate.His Spad VII fighter plane is enshrined in the Italian Air Force Museum.

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