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Ernie Coombs

Children's entertainer

Died when: 73 years 296 days (885 months)
Star Sign: Sagittarius


Ernie Coombs

Ernest "Ernie" Arthur Coombs, CM (November 26, 1927 – September 18, 2001) was a US-born Canadian children's entertainer who starred in the Canadian television series Mr.

Dressup.His career began as an assistant puppeteer to Fred Rogers, joining him in Canada when his employer was invited to produce a variant of his local Pittsburgh show for CBC Television, The Children's Corner on a national series, Misterogers.

Eventually, when Rogers decided to return to the United States, Coombs chose to stay in Canada on his employer's recommendation, developing the children's show Butternut Square which later evolved into Mr.

Dressup, which went on to become a long-running and iconic presence in Canadian media.Coombs eventually became a Canadian citizen and became a honoree of the Order of Canada, among other honours.

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