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Ernst Stengelin

German SS-Unterscharführer

Died when: 32 years 65 days (386 months)
Star Sign: Leo


Ernst Stengelin

Ernst Stengelin (born 10 August 1911 in Tuttlingen – died 14 October 1943 in Sobibor) was a German SS-Unterscharführer (Corporal) who served at Treblinka and Sobibor extermination camps and was killed in the Sobibor uprising.

Nothing is known about his personal life.Stengelin served in the killing center at Grafeneck Castle in Grafeneck at Münsingen and the Hadamar Euthanasia Centre, before he was reassigned to the "Aktion Reinhard" extermination camp Treblinka.

Then he came to Sobibor shortly before the uprising of the Sobibor extermination camp.He was employed in the camp and was killed by the camp inmates during the uprising.

Franz Suchomel reported as the only witness of his death.

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