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Eucharius Gottlieb Rink


Died when: 74 years 182 days (893 months)
Star Sign: Leo


Eucharius Gottlieb Rink

Eucharius Gottlieb Rink (August 11, 1670 – February 9, 1745) was a German jurist, heraldist, numismatician, and imperial counsellor.His name may also be spelt as Rinck, Rinckius, or Rinkius.

He was a member of the Rink von Dorstig family, which obtained a title of nobility in the 15th century.

Starting in 1687, he studied philosophy, political history, and state law at Leipzig University.He then studied at the University of Altdorf, where he became the professor of state law in 1707.

In 1739, he became a member of the Prussian Royal Academy of Sciences.He had remarkable collections of coins and coats of arms.

Rink introduced hatching (1726) for the tincture gray (Eisen) and carnation (Naturfarbe).He studied the old seals as a source of heraldry and claimed that the coat of arms originated in Germany.

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