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Ai Qing


Died when: 86 years 39 days (1033 months)
Star Sign: Aries


Ai Qing

Aì Qīng (Chinese: 艾青; pinyin: Aì Qīng;Wade–Giles: Ai Ch'ing, March 27, 1910 – May 5, 1996), born Jiang Zhenghan (Chinese: 蒋正涵; pinyin: Jiǎng Zhènghán) and styled Jiang Haicheng (Chinese: 蒋海澄; pinyin: Jiǎng Hǎichéng), is regarded by some as one of the finest modern Chinese poets.

He was known under his pen names Linbi (Chinese: 林壁; pinyin: Línbì), Ke'a (Chinese: 克阿; pinyin: Kè'ā) and Ejia (Chinese: 莪伽; pinyin: Éjiā).

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