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Eugen Albrecht

German pathologist

Died when: 35 years 363 days (431 months)
Star Sign: Cancer


Eugen Albrecht

Eugen Albrecht (21 June 1872, in Sonthofen – 18 June 1908, in Frankfurt am Main) was a German pathologist.His research largely dealt with the physical-chemical status of cells under normal and pathological conditions.

In 1895 he obtained his doctorate from the University of Munich, where he was a student of Karl Wilhelm von Kupffer.

Afterwards, he was an assistant to Wilhelm Roux at the institute of anatomy in Halle, followed by work at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn in Naples (1897–98).

In 1899 he became an assistant to Otto Bollinger at the institute of pathology in Munich.From 1900 to 1904, he served as prosector at the Städtisches Krankenhaus rechts der Isar.

In 1904, he succeeded Karl Weigert as director of the Senckenberg Institute of Pathological Anatomy in Frankfurt.He died four years later of a pulmonary hemorrhage caused by tuberculosis.

He is remembered for development of the concept of "hamartoma and choristoma" in an attempt to describe the relationship between abnormal formation and tumor.

In 1907 he founded the journal Frankfurter Zeitschrift für Pathologie.

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