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Eugen Barbu

Romanian writer

Died when: 69 years 199 days (834 months)
Star Sign: Aquarius


Eugen Barbu

Eugen Barbu (Romanian pronunciation: [e.u'd?en 'barbu]; 20 February 1924 – 7 September 1993) was a Romanian modern novelist, short story writer, journalist, and correspondent member of the Romanian Academy.

The latter position was vehemently criticized by those who contended that he plagiarized in his novel Incognito and for the anti-Semitic campaigns he initiated in the newspapers Saptamâna and România Mare which he founded and led.

He also founded, alongside his disciple Corneliu Vadim Tudor, the nationalist Greater Romania Party (PRM).His most famous writings are the novels Groapa (1957) and Principele (1969).

Barbu's prose, in which the influence of neorealism has been noted, drew comparison to the works of Mateiu Caragiale, Tudor Arghezi, and Curzio Malaparte.

It was however, considered unequal by several critics, who took into measure Barbu's preference for archaisms, as well as his fluctuating narrative style.

Barbu also wrote several film scripts, some of which were for films starring his wife, the actress Marga Barbu (Florin Piersic's series).

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