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Eva Bergh

Norwegian actor

Died when: 86 years 360 days (1043 months)
Star Sign: Pisces


Eva Bergh Eva Bergh (25 February 1926 – 19 February 2013) was a Norwegian actress. Eva Bergh was born at Kolbotn in Oppegård, Norway. She was married to the composer Sverre Arvid Bergh (1915–1980) and was the sister-in-law of his brother violinist and orchestral leader Øivind Bergh (1909–1987) She made his debut at Det Nye Teater in Oslo during 1949. She held a prominent position at Den Nationale Scene in Bergen for over 40 years. She appeared in a number of roles in dramas and several major roles in plays by Ludvig Holberg and William Shakespeare. She has also held a number of roles in both Norwegian and foreign films. Her most notable film roles were in the British crime film The Long Memory (1952) directed by Robert Hamer and the Norwegian crime film Struggle for Eagle Peak (1960) directed by Tancred Ibsen.
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